in 12 weeks


{And never have to wonder what to journal about ever again!}

If you've been feeling lost and frustrated and want to develop and stick to a practice for your own mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing while having the "me time" to further your personal and spiritual growth then you already know you need to incorporate journaling into your life.

  •  You know journaling can improve your sleep and your level of happiness.
  • You know journaling can help you achieve your goals and dreams.
  • You know journaling can help you manage your stress.
  • You know journaling is the tool to uplevel your life and your biz.




Even if you've tried journaling or working on your personal development in the past, what you might not realize is that by creating a consistent journaling practice that regularly encourages you to do the deep work, you will:


  • Get Clarity on What You Want and How You'll Get It

    Imagine easily being able to make decisions to stay aligned with who you are and what you want and having a clear path to get it.
  • Get in Touch With Your Authentic Self and Love and Accept Her

    Finally put to rest the masks you've been wearing trying to fit in and please others and society. Find out what makes you YOU and accept, love, and BE her.
  • Become More Present and Engaged in Your Life

    Fire that hamster running in the wheel in your head and have the balance and calm to be present and enjoy the moment. 
  • Overcome Your Struggles and Blocks

    Stop wondering what's holding you back and shift those limiting beliefs into a more empowered vision of your future.
  • Release Old Hurts and Guilt

    Stop living in the past and experience your life in an exciting and freeing new way.
  • Tap Into New Knowledge, Answers, and Insights

    Stop searching for all the answers outside yourself and find the wealth of wisdom that's been within you all along.
  • Unleash Your Creativity

    Give your creative side a new channel to be released and nurtured. You may be surprised by what you discover!


Even though the motivation to create positive change in your life is clear, the path to actually doing it consistently and in a transformative way is anything but.


But where the heck do I even start?

Perhaps in your most motivated moments you've read some inspiring books, signed up for some programs, or even bought a pretty new journal with the best intentions.

You've listed off some things you're grateful for, maybe made some notes about your day, and kept that up for a little while.

Maybe in your most inspired times you've had some incredible aha moments or discovered some incredible personal growth techniques but they never managed to get implemented into your life and ended up forgotten before you know it. 

Here's why most women who decide to start a personal growth or journaling practice end up abandoning the practice before too long:

What most people do is open up to a blank journal page every day and hope something will come out. They don’t have an intention behind their journaling or an end result they are working towards. This means they are often just skimming the surface and writing about stuff that really isn’t benefiting them. I mean don’t get me wrong, any kind of journaling is beneficial and better than none, but without a method they are missing out on the true transformation and healing it can create. They get frustrated. They get bored. 

Here's why this makes establishing a rewarding and enjoyable journaling practice almost impossible:

No one enjoys dedicating time every day to something that feels frivolous and pointless. Something that isn't giving you something in return. Especially when they feel like there are 100 other things they could or should be doing.

But luckily there is a way to avoid this frustration and create a journaling practice that you could not imagine being without. One that creates shifts in your life that have you shaking your head in wonder.

That is... if you can see through the limitations holding most women back and embrace these powerful truths...

The 5 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Right Now to Create a Journaling Practice that will Heal and Transform Your Life

You DO Have the Time

You have so much going on. So many people expecting so much of you, including yourself. How can you possibly fit in journaling every day? Here's the thing. You DO have the time. I promise you. You only need 15 Minutes a Day to see incredible results.

Know that you are worth dedicating just 15 minutes of your time a day to yourself. Everyone around you will benefit from it. 

If you have free time to scroll social media or watch Netflix, or scroll social media WHILE you watch Netflix, then you have time to journal! Which activity do you think will benefit you most?

You CAN Stick With This!

Maybe you're worried that you won't stick with this. You're afraid of investing your time and money in something you might fail at. After all, you've tried stuff like this before.

It's OK! It's not your fault life's gotten in the way. It happens to all of us. I bet you wouldn't break a promise to a good friend would you? That's all this is. It's a promise to yourself. A commitment of well deserved and needed self care. You deserve to be a priority.

All you need is the steps to take, a path to follow, and support and accountability to stay on track. When the Aha moments and insights start happening and you begin experiencing the shifts in your mindset and the release and healing you won't be able to imagine not doing it!

You CAN Handle What You Will Uncover

The big question. Are you prepared to confront what you might discover about yourself? Facing the unknown can be scary. I know.

But do you know what's even scarier? Pushing the truth under the rug and burying your emotions, pain, and desires rather than acknowledging them and processing them. You can do hard things. I know you already have. 

You are so much stronger than you realize and the freedom you will feel when you embrace the wholeness of who you are and release what's no longer serving you is worth any initial discomfort you may feel.


You DO Have So Much to Write About

Journaling every day can feel like an insurmountable mountain to climb. You're wondering what the heck do these people write about every day. "I'm not that interesting. I don't have that much to say." You've tried. You just come up blank.

You would be amazed at what will come out on paper. Things you'd long forgotten. Things you didn't realize had an impact on your life and who you are. Dreams you never dared speak into existence.

You just need the right prompts to get it out of you. The path to guide you to know what kind of stuff to write when you need it most.

Taking Care of Yourself is NOT Selfish

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. In fact the opposite is true. It makes us stronger and gives us the emotional and physical energy to enable us to better support our loved ones. You are a priority.

We're no good to anyone if we've completely depleted our energy because we've given it all away. Journaling helps us manage and release stress and our emotions meaning we can respond better in our relationships and our lives.

There is a reason they tell people on planes to put on their own oxygen mask first before helping others. Of course we wan't to be there and support the people in our lives, but first we must nurture and care for ourselves.

Shh... I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

Even though journaling is proven to be such a catalyst for positive growth and healing, very few women are doing it consistently or in a way that unearths the full scope of benefits it has to offer.

A few people are seeing incredible change in their lives and relationships from their journaling practice, and even though some of these incredibly successful women share their love of journaling and inspire women all over the world to try it, most abandon the practice before they ever create the habit and see the results.

The main reason for this, as you've now probably realized, is that while journaling may seem like an easy and simple thing to do...

...journaling consistently and effectively  and in a way that enables you to coach yourself is actually quite hard. 

But as long as you can overcome the resistance that most women experience when embarking on a personal growth and self care practice like journaling, the path is paved for you to create the positive change and healing you've been longing for.

A path that allows you to achieve more clarity, success, and balance, have a healthy outlet for your emotions and stress, and create a more positive mindset.

They key to all this is not just journaling but creating a habit of TRANSFORMATIONAL journaling.

And that's exactly what I'd love to show you how to create in your life.



Transformational Journaling is more than just a journaling course. It's a complete guided and supported path to establishing the habit and the tools to coach yourself as a catalyst to powerful healing and transformation.


I understand what it feels like to be searching for the answers. What is my purpose? What does my authentic self even look like? What is blocking me from achieving what I desire? What the heck do I even want?

Then one day I realized it didn’t matter how much outside insight and validation I received. Nothing CHANGED until I had those insights on my own and took the time to REFLECT on them, PROCESS them, and then initiate ACTION from them. I finally accepted that the answers had been within me all along.

It wasn't until I committed to doing my own inner work through a regular journaling practice that healed my past and released my limiting beliefs, a journaling practice that brought the clarity and inspiration to take the action to create transformation in my life, that I finally started seeing what I wanted manifesting. I want to share that gift of journaling with you. But not just any journaling. Truly transformational journaling.


TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNALING is the ONLY program of its kind that…



Receiving insights, aha moments, inspirations, and discovering methods of healing and transformation is one thing but journaling is the thing that actually takes what you learn and allows it to be integrated into your life and implemented in a meaningful way.



Transformational Journaling doesn't just give you journaling prompts and hope you stick with it. It's structured to focus on establishing the habit of journaling to build that foundation and facilitate true change.


Transformational Journaling is about more than just journaling every day. It's about teaching you how to create a self-care and personal growth practice that can nurture deep self-healing and empowers you to better deal with any challenges life throws at you while accelerating the benefits you see from all your successes.


You will never wonder what to journal about for the rest of your life after going through this program. You will not only create a healing and transformational daily practice but you will have a roadmap you can turn to to help guide and support you through anything life throws at you.


A happy, balanced, whole you means you will be realizing your potential and your best life. You will be stepping into your highest self which will overflow and lift up everyone around you. Be the change you want to see in the world.

So if you’re ready to choose to create a truly transformational and healing habit of journaling...


Here's how I'll help you get there:

Phase 1

The Fundamentals


  • Why Journaling is So Important
  • How to Get the Most out of This Course
  • Journaling Tools and Environment
  • Creating Consistency

This module eases you into the program and sets you up for success in the course and in your journaling practice. 

Here you will look at why journaling is such a beneficial thing to have in your life and reaffirm why you are here in this course. You are going to discover how you can get the most from your experience in the program and set your mind at ease about any concerns you may have about being able to make this work for you so you will look forward to, and enjoy, your journaling practice.

This week focuses on the ways you are going to create consistency in your journaling and actually turn it into a habit vs. something you just dabble in once in a while.


  • Discover the many benefits of journaling. Some may surprise you!
  • Set your intention for your time in this program.
  • Get comfortable in the course platform and exploring and utilizing all the content.
  • Decide on what journaling tools excite you most that you want to use during your time in the course.
  • Create a journaling environment you’ll look forward to using every day.
  • Learn how to create consistency and make journaling a habit.


  • Journaling with Prompts
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • Journaling for Reflection

Week two begins your introduction to the foundational journaling practice you will turn to daily.

Here, you’ll discover the essential forms of journaling that you will be turning to again and again as part of your daily journaling habit. The forms of journaling that offer you the most benefit when done on a regular basis.

You will develop a path you can turn to again and again yield maximum results from your journaling practice in as little time as possible.


  • Learn the form of journaling that will make sure you never have to wonder what to journal about ever again.
  • Create a daily journaling practice that is scientifically proven to boost your level of happiness.
  • Explore journaling that is proven to improve your sleep.
  • Learn about journaling that will improve your relationship.
  • Establish a daily method of journaling that will accelerate your level of personal growth and success.


  • Mindset Journaling
  • Manifestation Journaling
  • Journaling for Self-Awareness and Personal Discovery

Week three continues the building of your solid foundational journaling practice. You will explore some really powerful forms of journaling that you can rely on to create personal growth and massive shifts in your inner and outer world. 

This week you will learn how to get to know and understand yourself in a way you never have before.

You will gain the power to not only transform how you see the world but also how you experience it.


  • Discover a method of journaling that will allow you to uncover the blocks and limiting beliefs in your life that are holding you back.
  • Discover how to create mindset shifts that can completely transform your relationships, your level of happiness, your success, and more.
  • Learn the number one form of journaling that will have you manifesting your desires into your life. Whatever you are seeking, be it love, success, abundance, and more, this form of journaling can make it a reality.
  • Learn how to uncover why you do the things that you do (or don’t do) the things that you do.
  • Know how you got to where you are in life and how you can get where you want to go.

Phase 2

Going Deeper


  • Journaling for Clarity
  • Journaling Your Purpose

In this module we take our journaling to a deeper level. This is where you start exploring some really life-changing journaling.

This module will have you feeling more confidence, clarity, direction, and purpose in your life. 


  • Discover how to make decisions with confidence.
  • Learn how to use journaling to problem solve.
  • Gain clarity.
  • Use journaling to find your purpose.
  • Discover how journaling can help you live your purpose.


  • Shadow Work Journaling
  • Self-Love Journaling

You thought last week was deep? Well buckle up for week 5!

This is the module you really dive into getting to know yourself and love yourself. You might find some resistance coming up this week but we can all support one another through it.

Here, you will begin to understand your patterns and why you react to life and others the way that you do.

You will explore who you are and what makes you so damn fabulous.

This week’s journaling can really begin to shift you and the world around you.


  • Understand and work with your triggers.
  • Gain an awareness of your shadows and explore shadow work.
  • Identify your patters.
  • Increase your self-love.
  • Living in authenticity and integrity.


  • Inner Child Work Journaling
  • Forgiveness Journaling

Now that you’ve taken your journaling deeper the last few weeks it’s time to do some healing. Journaling is about more than awareness and growth. Journaling can heal.

This week is all about letting go of the past and unburdening yourself.

This module will have you feeling lighter and free. 


  • Connect to and heal your inner child.
  • Discover your authentic self.
  • Release grudges, resentment, and anger.
  • Release guilt.
  • Discover a new perspective free of the tainting of our past.


  • Journaling for Emotional Processing and Healing
  • Writing Letters Journaling

This module takes the healing work further.

This week is a game changer for your emotional health and your relationships.

Here, you will truly learn how to process and heal your emotions


  • Learn how to identify what you are feeling and why.
  • Discover how to regulate your emotions.
  • Create emotional shifts and release.
  • Gain closure for things in your life.
  • Express yourself in a whole new way.

Worried you might not be able to keep up? Use your Implementation Week to catch up on any content you may have missed.

This isn’t a week off. Even if you have been keeping up with the new content added weekly you will still want to maintain your daily foundational journaling. This is also the perfect time to revisit any lessons that were particularly powerful for you that you want to dive into deeper.

Phase 3

Expanding it Further


  • Goal Setting
  • Journaling for Creativity
  • Story of Your Life Journaling

This module is a fun one! We are going to be exploring your hopes and dreams and getting creative.

This week is a mix of strategic planning with creative dreaming.

You are going to learn some pretty amazing things about yourself in this module.

Here, you will take a look at both your past and future and create some pretty remarkable things.


  • Figure out your WHY.
  • Discover what you really want in life.
  • Learn what has been holding you back and what has been skewing your path.
  • Unleash your creativity and inspiration.
  • Write the story of your life.


  • Flow of Consciousness/Soul Journaling
  • Dream Journaling

This week you will explore the more ethereal side of journaling. This module is all about your heart, your soul, and your subconscious.

Here, is where you will connect to your yourself on a new level.


  • Learn how to quiet the ego and hear what your heart and soul is saying.
  • Open up new neural pathways in the brain.
  • Connect to your higher self.
  • Go deeper within.
  • Learn how to tap into the wealth of knowledge in your subsconscious.


  • Journaling with Oracle Cards
  • Art/Visual Journaling

This week things really get fun!

This module is all about connecting to your intuition and creativity.

You’ll never even consider thinking that journaling is boring ever again. You don’t think that now do you? 😮


  • Discover how to connect to greater wisdom in your journaling.
  • Learn how to use Tarot and Oracle Cards in your journaling.
  • Use daily divined guidance to complement your journaling.
  • Tap into your artistic side.
  • Express yourself creatively.



  • Dear Diary Style
  • Journaling on Movies and Books

I’m really showing off my module naming skills here. LOL This week you’ll explore even more forms of journaling that can keep your journaling experience fresh, fun, and maintainable. 

Here, you’ll explore old forms of journaling you may have left in your childhood and discover how you can easily weave your journaling into your daily planning.


  • Create a record of your life for future generations
  • Gain more from the entertainment you consume.
  • Explore planners that can complement your journaling.
  • Discover Bullet journaling, a journaling method that combines many modes of journaling.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


Transformational Journaling Program - (A $1,500 value)

Including all your weekly video lessons, supporting PDF materials (transcripts, slides, and journaling worksheets), Weekly Progress Checklist and Habit Tracker, and Transformational Journaling Blueprint.



  • Lifetime Access to the Program

    You will have LIFETIME access to the course. That means that after the content is originally delivered to you over the 12 week course timeline you will continue to have access to the materials. You can take the course as many times as you want! (A $2,000 Value)
When you add it all up, that’s a value of $3,500.


But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay Monthly

2 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

1 Payment of




What past students are saying...

"Before Transformational Journaling, I was struggling to connect with me as a deeper individual. Now I look forward to journaling each day! I am more insightful and tuned in. I liked theflow and ease of the program. Each day was doable.

If you’re on the fence, I say go for it!!! What I love most about the course was that I established a daily habit of journaling and the knowledge that the answer is there, somewhere. And I have a calmness now that my emotions can be expressed in an easy healthy way and not pent up.
One thing that surprised me the most about the course was how easy it made journaling. Christa gives you great prompts that help the juices flow.

Don't underestimate the power of a few minutes of journaling... It changes you for the better!"

Introspective and Enlightening

"Before enrolling I was always communicating to my husband and kids my every thought and it was driving them and me a little bonkers. I needed to internalize a few things. By sitting down and writing my thoughts I was able to move on from some feelings of frustration, disappointment, anger, etc.

Transformational Journaling has allowed me my freedom to express myself through the written word as opposed to talking. I found I was trying to talk about things too much and when I wrote my thought, feelings, fears, my day, etc. I was focused and on point. I had clear reflection and could do some problem solving. I could reflect on situations and work through different out comes if I adjusted my actions or reactions within my Journaling. I was able to put myself first during my journaling sessions. I find the journaling process has calming affect.

What I loved the most about the Transformational Journaling course was this course was all mine. I could go at my own pace and the more work I did; the more I grew, the more I benefited.

If my friend was on the fence about taking this course; I would tell her to stop thinking and just jump in and do it.

I have benefited from being able to write out my thoughts or my feelings and didn't have to only express these things verbally. I realized that the most important thing was for me to understand that I can communicate within myself to work through difficult situations and to even celebrate the good stuff. I find myself looking forward to sitting down and writing... about anything that's important to me or makes me feel better or allows me to be creative.

The thing that surprised me the most is the number of different types of journaling. The art journaling really helped me break down the barriers and got my creative juices going."

Do Something for You!

What students are saying...

"I'm sure most of us experience this everyday - STRESS. I wanted to find another way to deal with the stress of life that I can add to my bag of tricks, like knitting, working out, watching TV, being with friends, etc. Journaling, especially Transformational Journaling, I believe can not only help relieve stress right away, kind of like meditation but also help point you in the direction of the root of your stress. It's too easy to say everything stresses me out, but I really believe there's a main source of stress and then life, like work, being a wife, mother, etc. just adds to it making life feel especially hard. Through journaling I wanted to see if I could identify what that one big source could be. Honestly, I think I've discover I'm the main cause of my stress. My worries, fears, expectations; things I think I should have more control over just run amuck in my mind and that affects everything. I want to work through these issues and come to a place where normal daily stress is all that I experience - something that I can't always control and therefore, I can tell myself to let it go. When you're manifesting stress - it's hard to let it go.

So far, I've really gotten into the habit of writing something daily. The most noticeable result is how much better I sleep. I'm one of those people who wakes up a number of times through the night to remind myself to do something or even worse, think what-if scenarios. Like what if I did this instead of that or what if I said that instead or what if my feelings are not really my feelings (empaths will know what I'm taking about). I could go on and on. Once the thought train has left the station, it's hard get it to come back, so I would just lay awake letting my mind run until the alarm clock would go off. The next day would drag on, I would drink too much coffee and then it would happen all over again. By just journaling, even for 10 min, my mind calms down and I can go to sleep.

Just do it!! Nothing you do for yourself is a waste of time or money. Even if at the end you feel you only learned one new thing - it's one thing you didn't know before. Plus Christa is great. Not only are the videos and worksheets great but she's there to help you with whatever questions you may have. Her response time on the threads in the lessons or on Facebook is incredible. So regardless if you just want to learn to journal and establish a good habit or of you want to search your soul and work through some of your issues privately - this is the course for you. I'm still amazed at how much Christa has included in this course. You can start over from the beginning and learn something new each time through.

I've experienced a number of benefits as a result of taking this course. One, I sleep better; two, I feel that I can answer my own questions now - my soul knows a lot more than my mind likes to give her credit for and it's time to quiet the mind so I can hear what my soul is saying; and three, I feel like I belong to a journaling community - people who are like me. I've never felt alone but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one.

I'm still surprised at how much I have to say about things!! My practice is to write the prompt down in my journal just to get the juices flowing and the keep going with my answer. Sometimes, I think this a prompt that is not too hard or I can answer this one quickly and move onto the next then next thing I know, it's been an hour and I'm still on the same prompt! The flood gates are open - stand back, I have something to say. When I'm done I feel so much energy, like what was on my mind or what my soul had to say was just weighing me down and stealing my energy. The other thing that surprises me and makes me smile is how I can use the prompts in real life. I'm the HR person at my job and I can tell you a number of the prompts really help me to get people to open up a bit more or work through their own frustrations - kind of like a mini therapy session."

Amazing, incredible, life changing - WOW!

"Before enrolling in Transformational Journaling I was exhausted, frustrated, and emotionally spent. I knew I deserved -- NEEDED -- some time dedicated to coming back to myself, and writing has always been my go-to. When I saw Christa's promotion, I jumped on it with no second thoughts. It was perfect.

I had zero hesitation. I have been acquainted with Christa for a while now, I see her heart, and not only did I want to gift this experience to myself... I also was grateful for the opportunity to support such an amazing and inspiring woman.

Having been a writer all my life, I understand the power it holds. Using this course to give me momentum and bring me back to a more regular practice reminded me that so many Aha! moments can be found through the writing/journaling process. I have more clarity, more insight, and more confidence now.

I loved how quickly Christa would respond to my comments on each segment, and how encouraging she was to everyone. Journaling is an intimate and vulnerable practice, and she provided such a beautiful and safe environment for us.

I would say, "If you are ready to face the things you need to change, if you are willing to do the work, then go for it!! Jump on this opportunity! It will widen your eyes and broaden your horizons. It will give you tools to accomplish all manner of goals. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix for your problems, however, it might not be right for you... then again, there's every chance you might surprise yourself."

The biggest benefits I've experienced from taking Transformational Journaling are: 1) Prioritizing me-time for inner work. 2) Clarity and insights, Aha! moments, etc. 3) Tools and support to move forward with my goals. 4) A reason to start using these lovely empty notebooks I've had hanging around! Especially because there are so many TYPES of journaling that I had never considered!!

I was happiest about coming back to myself. Listening to Christa's gentle and friendly voice as she walked us through each module, and reading her responses to my comments, I felt totally encouraged and supported on this journey. She understands that this process is very personal, that everyone has their own pace and their own needs. There was no pressure, just love.

With Christa's generous gift of lifetime access to this program, you can bet I will be revisiting the material again and again, uncovering new layers of myself and the world around me every time."


Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining Transformational Journaling.

The program is set up to be done over a period of 12 weeks but you will have full access to all the materials right away.

That's totally OK. No need to beat yourself up if you fall behind. No need to fear not getting the full value of your investment if life gets in the way. You have LIFETIME access to the course. That means that after the content is originally delivered to you over the 12 week course timeline you will continue to have access to the materials. You can take the course as many times as you want!

You have LIFETIME access to the course. That means that after the content is originally delivered to you over the 12 week course timeline you will continue to have access to the materials. You can take the course as many times as you want!

No. Transformational Journaling is so much more than just daily journal prompts. In fact it's more than just a journaling course.

You are going to learn many personal growth and healing methods that will enable you to coach and support yourself through journaling. Transformational Journaling is a program that encourages self-healing and personal growth via a variety of methods complimented with journaling.

You will receive instant and full access to the course. It is recommended you follow the 12 week format to ensure accountability and habit building WITHOUT the overwhelm.

What students are saying...

"Before enrolling in Transformational Journaling, I wanted to connect with my higher power to receive messages and clarity on issues in my life.

The program has allowed me to get in touch with myself, especially the deep work. I was prompted to look at things I had not considered previously.

What I loved most about Transformational Journaling was the variety of the ways in which you can use journaling.

This is a great investment because you really get to know yourself and what better person to get to know.

Transformational Journaling has helped me get clarity on issues in my life and overcome some struggles and get to know how I think.

The thing that surprised me most is that it is not hard! I actually knew that this was something I wanted to do but thought it would be hard."

Life Changing

"Before enrolling in Transformational Journaling I had a lot of deep emotional wounds that were festering beneath the surface. Every time I tried to deal with them it all seemed like too much to bear so I just tried to bury them inside and forget about them instead. But after I started the Transformational Journaling process, I began to reflect more and more on my belief systems and pinpoint areas that needed recognition and cleaning. Rather than trying to tackle everything at once, like I'd been doing in the past, the process of Transformational Journaling allowed me to reflect on and evaluate my past/present relationship piece by piece. I know I still have a ways to go, but this Transformational Journaling course put me in the right direction and gave me the tools I needed to begin my journey.

I was hesitant to give Transformational Journaling a try because I did not know what I would discover about myself. Facing the unknown was scary at first. But after I started journaling and focusing on smaller areas first, the larger issues didn't seem as scary as they were originally.

Transformational Journaling has allowed me to focus on taking care of my own mental and spiritual health first. During the journaling process, I realized I had been giving so much of my energy to other people that I did not have any energy left for myself. But now that I'm journaling regularly, I make sure I give myself time each day to focus on me and how I can care for my own needs first.

Transformational Journaling is a life-changing experience that allows you to get more in touch with who you really are. It allows you to see the areas you've been neglecting and shows you how to have a more positive outlook overall.

Some of the benefits I've experienced as a result of taking this course are that I am more aware of the impact of my actions on those around me, I am more grateful for the little things I have in my life, and I am more conscious of how my past has shaped my belief system - and how I can shift those beliefs into truths.

The thing that surprised me the most was that I am a lot stronger and have more of an independent nature than I thought I did. Reflecting on my belief systems and things I am grateful for allowed me to see how much strength I have on my own within myself.

I truly enjoyed this course and look forward to more."

Transformational Journaling Helped Me Rediscover Myself


Transformational Journaling is PERFECT for you if...

  • You've wanted to incorporate journaling into your life but have no idea where to start.

    You're ready to leave blank page anxiety in the past.

  • You've tried journaling but haven't managed to stick with it on a regular basis.

    You're ready to establish consistency through building a habit.
  • You're ready to say goodbye to limiting beliefs, excuses, and negative patterns.

    You're ready to DECIDE to take responsibility to change your life and you're willing to do the work.
  • You're already dedicated to your own personal growth and you've been looking for the right program.

    You are ready for a path in your journey to fulfillment and happiness.
  • You don't want yet another year to go by where things haven't changed.

    You're excited to heal, release the past, and uplevel your life.
  • You're ready to stop looking for the answers outside yourself.

    You're ready to embrace the power you have to heal and transform your own life. 
  • You're aware of how powerful and life-changing journaling is and are excited to make it a regular part of our life once and for all.

    You want to be fully present in your life, feel balance and clarity, and be making progress towards your goals and dreams. 

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Transformational Journaling!


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


Transformational Journaling Program - (A $1,500 value)

Including all your weekly video lessons, supporting PDF materials (transcripts, slides, and journaling worksheets), Weekly Progress Checklist and Habit Tracker, and Transformational Journaling Blueprint.



  • Lifetime Access to the Program

    You will have LIFETIME access to the course. That means that after the content is originally delivered to you over the 12 week course timeline you will continue to have access to the materials. You can take the course as many times as you want! (A $2,000 Value)
 When you add it all up, that’s a value of $3,500.

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Payment Monthly

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Payment Upfront

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